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TV Guy Jay provides professional TV Mounting in Los Angeles. Other services are TV Installation, TV Wall Mount Installer, Audio Video and Home Theater Installation in the Los Angeles area.

If you have used TV Guy Jay before, then you know we take care with what we do and what we do is make sure your TV wall mounting and TV installation is done well. We do TV and home theater installations all over Los Angeles and take great joy in our work. Please Google us and look at our website or our Yelp reviews. We promise to do your TV Mounting in a very professional manner and clean up any mess we leave. We will help you choose the perfect height to wall mount your TV and make sure it's level. We will connect up to three video devices, DVD, cable box, blu ray, etc, and charge a reasonable rate for any sound related installations. Please call us at 1-310-663-5081 for an appointment.

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