• Option A – Basic on wall TV Mounting – usually only $99

    For most tvs up to 55", up to 50lbs. Remove TV out of box; Install batteries in remote controllers; Detach stands from television; Keep stand for all future needs; Measure and find spot on mounting area; Find wall beams for mounting; Always use appropriate hardware; TV Measuring; Measure TV Mount to locate area for installation; Correctly drill level holes for bolts and mounts; Install HDMI Cables necessary for TV connections;. connection of up to three video components;. Bolt mount to your wall; secure TV to Mount; Level and adjust as needed; Turn on Electronics and ensure if working correctly ;Connection of television to Wi-Fi if needed. OLED and "mantelmount " installation are not included in basic installation pricing. Please call for quote.
  • Option B – Basic In wall wire hide – starts at $149.00

    All of what’s included in Option A, PLUS hide wires inside the wall (single stud bay with no blockage only, call for more complex installs and we will give you a great price) If wall is not empty, a code rated power bridge may be added for an additional charge.
  • Option C basic fireplace installation starts at $125

    For over fireplace installations, we recommend using a licensed electrician only for hiding wires.

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