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The following page contains some valuable information and tips that can help guide you into buying the right tv for the best price and making an informed decision on the best way and place to mount it.


Amazing Universal Remote we recommend: Harmony Elite Remote

The Logitech Harmony Elite is a unique universal-remote system that can control your entire home theater using your iPhone or Android phone or tablet, or the included remote, via the Harmony Hub. The touchscreen makes it more versatile than cheaper models, especially for calling up favorite channels and Roku apps.


Which TV Should You Buy in 2018

There are many factors to take into consideration when buying a TV. Today, there are so many different options, so many different features, that it can be overwhelming to understand and make an informed decision on which TV to buy. Ask yourself: Is the TV I am buying too expensive? Am I getting the right features? All these questions are discussed and analyzed in this article


Finding The Right TV Height

Finding the right TV height is important for everybody. If you research the subject for finding the right TV height, you may find some very good articles with fairly precise formulas based upon the height of the television, the distance of the viewing area, and the size of the TV. These articles may be helpful, However, we have chosen not to reproduce those formulas here.


Which Soundbar is Right For You?

Begin your search for the best sound bar by setting your expectations. Do you want a low-cost bar that simply amplifies your TV sound? Or do you want immersive home theater sound? A bigger investment can get you sound quality that's comparable to a full home theater system.


Sling TV: Everything you need to know

Sling TV is service that allows subscribers to watch a collection of live and on-demand TV channels on their TVs, computers or mobile devices. This is live TV, just like a cable or satellite TV service, except it's delivered over the internet.